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Table 2 Inclusion and Exclusion criteria

From: How to locate and appraise qualitative research in complementary and alternative medicine

Inclusion criteria: Exclusion criteria:
Qualitative studies with patients Qualitative studies with therapists
Ethnographies Perspectives of teaching personnel
Grounded Theory Quantitative questionnaire studies
Content analysis Mixed-Method studies with mainly quantitative studies
Peer reviewed Journals Surveys
Published in English or German Observational studies
All ethnic groups Review and theory papers, study design, secondary analysis
Reasons for CAM Randomized trials and outcome studies
Motivation to use CAM HTA quantitative reviews
Patient perceptions of integrative medicine Studies of patients’ information seeking of CAM
Patient perceptions of individualized medicine Studies with conditions of CAM use
Patient / Therapist relation or interaction Studies about questions of when and how CAM is used
Studies 1980-2011 Editorials
  Socioeconomic data analyses