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Table 2 Antimycobacterial effect of the CHCl 3 and EtOH extracts from Persea americana seeds

From: Antiprotozoal and antimycobacterial activities of Persea americana seeds

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Drug-resistance pattern MIC (μg/ml)
   CHCl3extract EtOH extract
H37Rv INH-, RIF-, STR-, and EMB- susceptible 50 >100
Clinical isolates    
SIN4 STR, INH, RIF, EMB, RFB, ETH, and OFX 50 >100
MMDO INH, EMB 100 >100
RIF-R RIF >100 >100
INH-R INH 50 >100
STR-R STR 50 50
EMB-R EMB 50 50
NTB Mycobacterium    
M. fortuitum   50 100
M. avium   25 100
M. chelonae   100 100
M. smegmatis   12.5 25
M. abscessus   25 100
  1. SIN 4 MDR clinical isolate of M. tuberculosis resistant to STR: Streptomycin, INH: Isoniazid, RIF: Rifampicin, EMB: Ethambutol, RFB: Rifabutin, ETH: Ethionamide and OFX: Ofloxacin. MMDO MDR clinical isolates of M. tuberculosis resistant to INH and EMB; the resistance pattern was determined by Microdilution alamar blue assay (MABA). NTB: non-tuberculosis mycobacteria; MIC: Minimum inhibitory concentration. Data are means of three determinations.