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Table 1 Semi-quantitative Skin damage scores

From: The effect of RHIZOMA COPTIDIS and COPTIS CHINENSIS aqueous extract on radiation-induced skin injury in a rat model

1.0 No effect
1.5 Minimal erythema, mild dry skin
2.0 Moderate erythema, dry skin
2.5 Marked erythema, dry desquamation
3.0 Dry desquamation, minimal dry crusting
3.5 Dry desquamation, dry crusting, superficial minimal scabbing
4.0 Patchy moist desquamation, moderate scabbing
4.5 Confluent moist desquamation, ulcers, large deep scabs
5.0 Open wound, full thickness skin loss
5.5 Necrosis