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Figure 2

From: The effect of RHIZOMA COPTIDIS and COPTIS CHINENSIS aqueous extract on radiation-induced skin injury in a rat model

Figure 2

The histopathological images 2 days after irradiation in the present study. A and B: Normal histopathological images of the skin in the C group and T group. Epidermal, dermal structures and hair follicles were intact; C: Radiation injury of the skin in the R group. Epidermal cells and hair follicle epithelial cells swelling, nucleus pycnosis, collagen fiber edema, lead to arrangement disorder, together with congestive vascular reactivity and inflammatory cell infiltration could be found. D: Histopathological images of R + T group, reflect a radioprotection against radiation-induced skin damage in terms of epidermal cells swelling, especially in the spine layer and base layer, hair follicle epithelial cells swelling, collagen fiber edema, and nucleus pycnosis. (HE × 400).

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