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Table 1 Summary of interview topic guide

From: Patients’ preconceptions of acupuncture: a qualitative study exploring the decisions patients make when seeking acupuncture

Description Question(s)
Main question I’m really interested in finding out why you chose to have acupuncture and what it has been like now that you have tried it. Please could you tell me all about it?
Supplementary questions – Only used if needed to encourage the participant to fully describe their acupuncture experience(s) How did you come to try acupuncture?
What did you think having acupuncture would be like?
Could you tell me all about the last acupuncture treatment that you had?
Could you tell me about the person who gives you your acupuncture?
Could you tell me about the place where you have your acupuncture?
How do you feel about your experience of acupuncture so far?
How do you think acupuncture works?
Final question Is there anything else that you would like to tell me about your experiences or understanding of acupuncture?