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Figure 3 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Figure 3

From: Evaluation of pharmacological activities, cytotoxicity and phenolic composition of four Maytenus species used in southern African traditional medicine to treat intestinal infections and diarrhoeal diseases

Figure 3

Phenolic compositions of the acidified 70% acetone leaf extracts. Mpd = Maytenus peduncularis, Mpr = Maytenus procumbens, Mse = Maytenus senegalensis, Mun = Maytenus undata, TP (Total phenolic (mg GAE/g)), TT (Total tannin (mg GAE/g)), NT (Non-tannin (mg GAE/g)), CT (Condensed tannin (mg CE/g)), PA (proanthocyanidin (mg LE)), GT (gallotannin (mg GAE/g)), FT (total flavonoid (mg QE/g)), FLL (flavonol (mg QE/g)).

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