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Figure 2

From: Sesquiterpene lactones isolated from indigenous Middle Eastern plants inhibit tumor promoter-induced transformation of JB6 cells

Figure 2

β-tan and Sal A selectively inhibit the growth of JB6P+ cells. At 50–60% confluency, primary mouse keratinocytes (PMK), SP-1, PAM212, I7 (A) and JB6 P+ (B) cells were treated with the indicated β-tan or Sal A concentrations, or 0.1% ethanol as the control. Cell growth was determined at 24 h and expressed as percentage of control (Ct) treated cells using the MTT Cell Proliferation Kit, as described in Materials and Methods. Significance between neoplastic cell lines and PMKs is indicated by * at p < 0.05 or ** at p < 0.01. Results represent the mean (± SEM) of at least two independent experiments done in triplicate wells.

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