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Table 3 Consumer empowerment through accurate/timely information (Theme 3)

From: Consumers' experiences and values in conventional and alternative medicine paradigms: a problem detection study (PDS)

Component Statements Agreement
My healthcare practitioners (conventional and/or CAM) have all the necessary information needed to make decisions about my treatment without my direct involvement. 11 7 82 83
I prefer making treatment choices by myself when I receive enough information on the treatment from my health practitioners (conventional and/or CAM). 82 16 2 82
My medical doctor encourages my input into treatment decisions more than my CAM practitioner. 5 20 75 77
Consumers who use CAM are more empowered in their treatment than the consumers who use solely conventional medicines. 77 15 8 82
I would like to take more responsibility for my treatment by getting more involved in every aspect of it (lifestyle and drug treatment). 84 12 4 81