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Table 3 The yield and character of the five CHE fractions obtained after quick column chromatography

From: In vitro antiproliferative/cytotoxic activity on cancer cell lines of a cardanol and a cardol enriched from Thai Apis mellifera propolis

Fraction Weight (mg) Yield (% of
CHE/total propolis)
Character Antiproliferative/
cytotoxic activitya
TLC platesb
I 80 0.36%/0.09% Clear wax -- 3
II 20 0.09%/0.02% Clear yellow oil -- 3
III 320 1.42%/0.36% Yellow oil 3 cell lines 1
IV 270 1.2%/0.30% Yellow powder 2 cell lines 3
V 4,300 19.1%/4.78% Dark brown oil all 5 cell lines 2
  1. aNumber of the five human cancer cell lines in which a significant antiproliferative/cytotoxic activity was induced by the extract after a 72 h exposure, as determined by the MTT assay
  2. bThe minimum number of distinct compounds in the fraction as determined by evaluation of the different TLC plates