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Table 3 Effects of GE on the expression of adipokines in adipose tissue

From: Glucan-rich polysaccharides from Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer prevents glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and inflammation in C57BL/6J mice fed a high-fat diet

Genes investigated ND240 HFD60 HFD120 HFD240 HFDMET
GLUT-4 1.49±0.24 1.78±0.3bd 2.41±0.42b 2.05±0.32a 1.13±0.13c
Adiponectin 1.56±0.15 0.81±0.37c 1.13±0.62b 1.68±0.30a 1.66±0.24a
RBP-4 0.10±0.13 −1.20±0.16b −1.30±0.44b −1.63±0.33a −1.50±0.17a
  1. Results are expressed as –fold variation over the appropriate control groups; ND240 indicate fold increase over ND, normal diet control group and HFD60, HFD120, HFD240 and HFDMET indicate fold increase over HFD, high-fat diet control group. Fold variations less than one were expressed as negative numbers (e.g., a –fold variation of 0.50 is expressed as −2.00). Values expressed are means ± S.D of triplicate measurements. Statistical significance was calculated based on the mean ΔCT values by DMRT for only mice fed with high-fat diet with or without GE. For same gene with different treatment groups, means in the different rows with different alphabets (a-d) were significantly different (p<0.05).