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Table 1 Questionnaire items

From: Translation and adaptation of an international questionnaire to measure usage of complementary and alternative medicine (I-CAM-G)

Page Items (incl. explanation given in questionnaire)
1. Visiting health care providers Homeopath (physicians who predominantly treat using homeopathy)
Acupuncturist (physicians who provide acupuncture)
Medical CAM specialist (physicians that provide a range of different CAM-therapies)
Non-medical CAM specialist (Non-physicians that provide a range of different CAM-therapies)
Osteopath (Physicians and non-physicians that provide osteopathy)
Chirotherapist (Physicians and non-physicians that provide chirotherapy)
Other Physicians and providers who treated you using CAM (please specify which treatment/therapy you received):
2. Complementary therapies received from physicians (MDs) Homeopathy
Herbal Medicine (tablets, pills, drops, ointments, teas, etc.)
Manual Therapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Other CAM-therapies received from physicians (please specify the treatment/therapy)
3. Use of herbal medicines and dietary supplements Homeopathic remedies (please specify the product)
Herbs/Herbal remedies (please specify the product)
Vitamins/Minerals (please specify the product)
Other CAM products (please specify the product)
4. Self-help practices Meditation
Tai Chi
Relaxation techniques
Praying for own health
Arts therapy
  Others (please specify the technique)