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Table 4 Effect of aqueous extract of C. papaya leaf on the hepatic lipids in diabetic and non-diabetic rats

From: Hypoglycemic effect of Carica papaya leaves in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

C. papaya LW Chol TAG
(g/100 mL) (g) (mg/g tissue) (mg/g tissue)
Control 8.37±0.69a 10.78±1.06 69.71±5.00
0.75 9.88±0.89b 11.23±1.04b 55.40±4.64b
1.5 8.52±1.28 10.54±1.11b 59.07±6.48
3 9.15±1.12 9.49±0.82b 56.47±2.43b
Control 10.45±1.65 9.66±1.11 60.39±3.5
0.75 10.88±1.8 10.25.1±7.88c 57.55±0.72
1.5 10.63±1.65 10.29±1.44c 56.4±3.86
  1. Data are expressed as mean± S.E.M; n=6. ANOVA followed by Tukey’s test (p <0.05). astatistically different from non-diabetic rats; bstatistically different from diabetic control and cstatistically different from non-diabetic control.