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Table 1 Radical scavenging activities of T. leptophylla fractions at different concentrations

From: Antioxidant activity, total phenolic and total flavonoid contents of whole plant extracts Torilis leptophylla L

EC50values(μg/ml) of radical scavenging
Plant extracts/chemical DPPH radical Superoxide radical Phosphomolybdate Assay Hydroxyl radical Hydrogen peroxide ABTS radical
Methanol extract 189±4e 55.0±0.3d 236±1e 76.0±2d 130±5e 179±3e
n-Hexane fraction 395±5f 370±4f 247±3e 281±2e 200±2e 50.0±1c
Chloroform fraction 162±3e 68.0±2d 135±4e 8.0±1a 122±5e 57.0±2d
Ethyl acetate fraction 62.0±2d 145±1e 196±4e 27.0±1b 68.0±2d 34.0±3b
n-Butanol fraction 41.0±1c 92.0±1d 10.7±2a 62.0±2d 254±3e 10.0±0.9a
Residual aqueous fraction 264±4e 269±3e 237±3e 345±4f 431±5f 13.0±0.2a
Ascorbic acid 10.0±3a 34.0±3b 8.0±0.7a 6.0±2a 9.0±0.3a 8.0±1a
Rutin 29.0±1b - - - 10.0±0.3a -
  1. Each value in the table is represented as mean ± SD (n = 3). Values in the same column followed by a different letter (a-f) are significantly different (p< 0.05). -, not determined.