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Table 4 Attitudes of CAM users toward conventional medicine (n = 64)

From: The use of complementary and alternative medicine for patients with traumatic brain injury in Taiwan

Item n %
Discussed CAM with physician   
  No 50 78.1
  Yes 14 21.9
Reasons for concealing the fact of using CAMa   
  Not necessary to tell 45 90.0
  Afraid the physician may not be happy if she/he knows it 2 4.0
  To avoid distracting the physician 1 2.0
  Afraid the physician will prohibit using CAM 1 2.0
  Physician is too busy to talk on the topic 1 2.0
Discontinuing the conventional medicine regimen   
  Yes 5 7.8
  No 59 92.2
  1. CAM: complementary and alternative medicine.
  2. a: Data from those who used CAM but did not discuss it with a physician (N = 50).