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Table 1 Reported characteristics of cell lines derived from esophageal squamous cell carcinomas

From: Effects of curcumin on stem-like cells in human esophageal squamous carcinoma cell lines

Cell line Patient information Cell line properties References
  Age Tumor differentiation Cell doubling time (hrs) Tumorigenicity Morphology  
KY-5 (KYSE-50) 58 Poor 28.2 Yes Growing as a cluster with smaller cells in the center [53]
KY-10 (KYSE-110) 63 Poor 19.1 Yes Spindle shape [53]
YES-1 50 Poor 35.2 Yes Polygonal to spindle shape [54]
YES-2 81 Moderate 23.7 Yes Polygonal epithelial shape [55]
TE-1 58 Well 27.2* Yes Spindle shape [56]
TE-8 63 Moderate 25.7* N.A. Spindle shape [56]
  1. All tumors were from male patients. Cell line tumorigenicity was determined by subcutaneous injection into nude mice. N.A. = not available. *Doubling time was determined in the present study.