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Table 1 Overrepresented categories of the significantly modulated (up- and down-regulated) genes found in the microarray hybridization based on the genome coverage (p<0.05)

From: Transcriptional profiling of Saccharomyces cerevisiae exposed to propolis

GO:0009987 cellular process 3.57E-09 0.00%
GO:0065007 biological regulation 7.91E-09 0.00%
GO:0050794 regulation of cellular process 1.58E-07 0.00%
GO:0050789 regulation of biological process 7.16E-07 0.00%
GO:0051276 chromosome organization 1.30E-06 0.00%
GO:0006996 organelle organization 2.25E-06 0.00%
GO:0071841 cellular component organization or biogenesis at cellular level 2.66E-06 0.00%
GO:0071842 cellular component organization at cellular level 3.14E-06 0.00%
GO:0022402 cell cycle process 3.16E-06 0.00%
GO:0007049 cell cycle 4.76E-06 0.00%
GO:0071840 cellular component organization or biogenesis 5.08E-06 0.00%
GO:0022403 cell cycle phase 5.56E-06 0.00%
GO:0006351 transcription, DNA-dependent 1.13E-05 0.00%
GO:0032774 RNA biosynthetic process 1.28E-05 0.00%
GO:0016043 cellular component organization 1.95E-05 0.00%
GO:0000279 M phase 1.98E-05 0.00%
GO:0007059 chromosome segregation 2.94E-05 0.00%
GO:0010556 regulation of macromolecule biosynthetic process 3.70E-05 0.00%
GO:0060255 regulation of macromolecule metabolic process 4.61E-05 0.00%
GO:0019219 regulation of nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process 4.64E-05 0.00%
GO:2000112 regulation of cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process 4.86E-05 0.00%
GO:0051171 regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process 4.96E-05 0.00%
GO:0006807 nitrogen compound metabolic process 6.46E-05 0.00%
GO:0051252 regulation of RNA metabolic process 0.000109266 0.00%
GO:0034641 cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process 0.000114855 0.00%
GO:0006325 chromatin organization 0.00011847 0.00%
GO:0009889 regulation of biosynthetic process 0.00012496 0.00%
GO:0031326 regulation of cellular biosynthetic process 0.00012496 0.00%
GO:0000278 mitotic cell cycle 0.000140145 0.00%
GO:0006355 regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 0.000140184 0.00%
GO:2001141 regulation of RNA biosynthetic process 0.000140184 0.00%
GO:0048285 organelle fission 0.00015597 0.00%
GO:0007067 mitosis 0.000167729 0.00%
GO:0000280 nuclear division 0.000263661 0.00%
GO:0080090 regulation of primary metabolic process 0.000279393 0.00%
GO:0006139 nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process 0.000384242 0.00%
GO:0065003 macromolecular complex assembly 0.001007045 0.00%
GO:0031323 regulation of cellular metabolic process 0.00115049 0.00%
GO:0000087 M phase of mitotic cell cycle 0.001853624 0.00%
GO:0019222 regulation of metabolic process 0.002020633 0.00%
GO:0043933 macromolecular complex subunit organization 0.002159081 0.00%
GO:0050896 response to stimulus 0.002997939 0.00%
GO:0051179 localization 0.003108437 0.00%
GO:0033043 regulation of organelle organization 0.00356682 0.00%
GO:0048523 negative regulation of cellular process 0.003751468 0.00%
GO:0010468 regulation of gene expression 0.004560142 0.00%
GO:0016568 chromatin modification 0.006683962 0.00%
GO:0048519 negative regulation of biological process 0.006744751 0.00%
GO:0034622 cellular macromolecular complex assembly 0.007563808 0.00%
GO:0006950 response to stress 0.009479328 0.00%
GO:0055085 transmembrane transport 0.011885843 0.00%
GO:0006366 transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 0.01881881 0.00%
GO:0010604 positive regulation of macromolecule metabolic process 0.021216691 0.00%
GO:0034621 cellular macromolecular complex subunit organization 0.024007449 0.00%
GO:0016070 RNA metabolic process 0.026116229 0.00%
GO:0009058 biosynthetic process 0.028171132 0.00%
GO:0051173 positive regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process 0.032491519 0.00%
GO:0000819 sister chromatid segregation 0.033192255 0.00%
GO:0009893 positive regulation of metabolic process 0.034622731 0.00%
GO:0031325 positive regulation of cellular metabolic process 0.035672319 0.00%
  1. Enrichment analysis was performed using the GO Term Finder available at <> for searching for significant shared GO terms to describe the gene list of the significantly modulated genes (p<0.05). The input list for the analysis comprised 1,399 representing the total of up-and down-regulated found in the microarray analysis. FDR is the percentage of the GO terms with p-values as good as or better than a particular GO term with this FDR would be expected to be false positives.