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Table 3 Associations of diabetes severity with use of complementary medicine (CM)* to treat/manage type-2 diabetes

From: Disease severity is associated with the use of complementary medicine to treat or manage type-2 diabetes: data from the 2002 and 2007 National Health Interview Survey

  UOR 95% CI AOR§ 95% CI
Count of diabetes severity measures ||     
0-2 measures ref   Ref  
>=3 measures 1.27 .83-1.94 1.90 1.2-3.01
Individual measures of diabetes severity     
DM duration     
1-< 5 years ref   Ref  
5-<10 years 0.63 .34-1.18 0.70 .36-1.35
>= 10 years 1.15 .71-1.85 1.66 1.04-2.66
Diabetes medication use     
None ref   Ref  
Any 0.63 .36-1.06 0.66 .36-1.19
Functional limitation     
No ref   Ref  
Yes 1.47 .95-2.25 1.74 1.09-2.80
Weak/failing kidneys     
No ref   Ref  
Yes 1.15 .53-2.47 1.46 .60-3.53
Coronary Heart Disease     
No ref   Ref  
Yes 0.55 .28-1.10 0.87 .43-1.74
Severe vision problems     
No ref   Ref  
Yes 1.1 .68-1.78 1.48 .85-2.57
  1. * CM use, the dependent variable for this study, was defined as use of any of the following in the past 12 months: acupuncture, Ayurveda, biofeedback, chelation therapy, chiropractic care, chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, energy healing therapy/Reiki, folk medicine, hypnosis, massage therapy, movement based therapies, naturopathy, herbal supplements and other non-vitamin/non-mineral dietary supplements (NVNMDS), homeopathic treatment, diet-based therapies, traditional healers, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and relaxation techniques.
  2. † unadjusted or crude odds ratio.
  3. ‡ 95% confidence interval.
  4. § Adjusted Odds Ratio. The model controls for socio-demographic and health status variables significantly associated (p < 0.1) with the dependent variables in Table 2: race/ethnicity, region of residence, number of co-morbid conditions, BMI level, the ability to perform vigorous leisure activity at least once per week and perceived health status, as well as for year of survey.
  5. || Based on the following six measures: 5 or more years since time of diagnosis, use of insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs, at least one functional limitation attributed to the diabetes, weak or failing kidneys, Coronary Heart Disease, and severe vision problems.