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Table 2 Major categories and sub-categories identified in transcribed interviews

From: Factors affecting pharmacists’ recommendation of complementary medicines – a qualitative pilot study of Australian pharmacists

Major category Sub-categories
1. Drivers of the recommendation of CMs Health benefit
  Condition-based recommendation
  Evidence for efficacy
  Customer demand
  Companion selling and pharmacy protocols
  Profile of company sponsoring product
  Ethical responsibility
  Holistic care
2. Barriers to the recommendation of CMs Safety concerns
  Lack of knowledge about safety and efficacy
  Lack of evidence
  Lack of clear patient benefit
  Fad products
  Time constraints
3. Attitude to CMs Role for CMs in pharmacy
  Responsibility to provide information about CMs
4. Education and resources University training
  Work experience
  Self-awareness of knowledge level
  Information sources
  Information needs
5. Personal and family use of CMs Personal use
  Use by family members
6. Relationship with other healthcare professionals Medical practitioners
  1. Thematic analysis of transcripts involved a process of coding and clustering of codes into categories with continuous comparisons and re-assessment to ensure validity.