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Figure 4

From: Screening and identification of dietary oils and unsaturated fatty acids in inhibiting inflammatory prostaglandin E2 signaling in fat stromal cells

Figure 4

Profiles of the inhibition of the oils on PGE 2 signaling. Following the same procedures as those mentioned in Fig.ā€‰3, the PGE2 signaling was recorded for stromal cells in the presence of PGE2 with buffer (A.), fish oil (B.), olive oil (C.), canola oil (C.), or sesame oil (E.). The arrow indicates the addition of PGE2 plus buffer/oil. Comparison of the inhibition of the oils on PGE2 signaling (nā€‰=ā€‰4) was showed in F (1, buffer; 2, fish oil; 3, olive oil; 4, canola oil; 5, sesame oil, and 6, HEK293 control).

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