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Table 2 Study Visits

From: Acupressure for persistent cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer survivors (AcuCrft): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Visit 1 Daily Visit 2 Visit 3 Visit 4 Weekly Phone Calls Visit 5
Screening (within 60 days of baseline) Days (−7 to 70) Baseline Week 0 Week 3 Week 6 Week (−1, 1–2, 4–5 & 7–9) Week 10
Laboratory Values 1 X       
Medical Exam/History/Socio-demographics X       
Urine Pregnancy Test 1 X       
PRIME-MD2 X       
HADS 2 X     X   X
BFI 2 X   X X X X X
Concomitant Medication & Supplements X       
Sleep Diary X     X   
Group Randomization 3    X     
Actiwatch Data Collected   X X4 X4 X4   X4
LTQL    X   X   X
BSAPQ 2 X   X   X   X
GSE 2    X   X   X
BPI2 X   X   X   X
Study Logbook   X X X X   X
PSQI 2 X     X   X
VAS for Pain 2 X       
Berlin Questionnaire X       
Therapy Evaluation Questionnaire    X   X   
Perform Acupressure 5    X X X   
Assess Treatment Fidelity – Self efficacy Measure     X X   
Adverse Events     X X X X
Assessment of Blinding      X   
  1. 1 Complete Blood Count; blood for correlative tests, blood for future DNA analysis, Urine pregnancy test as appropriate.
  2. 2 HADS = Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale; BFI = Brief Fatigue Inventory; and PSQI = Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index; LTQL = Long Term Quality of Life Instrument; BSAPQ = Breast and Surrounding Areas Pain Questionnaire; GSE = General Self Efficacy Scale; BPI = Brief Pain Inventory; VAS for Pain = Visual Analog; PRIME-MD = Primary Care Evaluation of Mental Disorders.
  3. 3 Participants are randomized to one of three treatments: Standard of Care; Relaxation Acupressure; or Stimulating Acupressure.
  4. 4 Data file downloaded at these visits.
  5. 5 Does not apply to standard of care arm.