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Table 3 Changes in stooling pattern and possible side effects of intervention as described by the parents in a questionnaire from the second till the sixth visit at the clinic

From: Feeding, stooling and sleeping patterns in infants with colic - a randomized controlled trial of minimal acupuncture

Categories Codes Number of remarks in the acupuncture group Number of remarks in the control group
Changed stooling Less frequent 30 17
  More frequent 26 8
  More watery 12 22
  More firm 16 6
  Changed colour 22 15
  Changed odour 7 10
  Normalized, "less hassle and conkout with the stomach" 22 8
  Can defecate and/or break wind easier/without assistance 16 0
Other gastro-intestinal changes Can belch easier 1 0
  Increased salivation 0 1
  More vomiting 3 4
  Rumbling in the stomach 2 4
Other symptoms More crying/less crying 3/1 3/1
  More restless after the visit 3 0
  Wants to eat more often 1 0
  Increased skin symptoms 2 1
  Slept a lot 1 3
  1. The categories, codes and frequency of remarks on a certain topic in each group are shown in this table. Each remark has only been registered once in each questionnaire