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Table 2 Theme, categories and sub-categories

From: Tactile massage and hypnosis as a health promotion for nurses in emergency care-a qualitative study

Theme; tactile massage and hypnosis may reduce stress and pain and increase contentment, self-awareness and work ability for some nursing personnel.
Categories I) Feeling relaxed and
gaining more energy
and work ability
II) Dealing with workload III) Relieving physical
and psychological pain
IV) Being treated V) Knowing oneself
Sub-Categories Your own well-being
affects work and
leisure time.
Increased work ability.
Help with stress issues
Give pain relief Positive response to
treatments connected
to the workplace.
Affects self-awareness.
Increased self-control
  Relaxation creates a
feeling of harmony
and tranquility.
   Need for health promotions  
  More energy.     
  It is positive to be cared for.