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Figure 6

From: Inhibitory effects of inhaled complex traditional Chinese medicine on early and late asthmatic responses induced by ovalbumin in sensitized guinea pigs

Figure 6

The effect of CTCM on the change in IL-5. CTCM treatment before or after OVA challenge reduced IL-5 levels in the BALF (one-way ANOVA with a Duncan post-hoc test, ** P < 0.01: MSGP or SMGP vs . SGP). Each group represents the mean of the data from 10 animals and the restical bars represent standard deviation. NSGP: unsensitized animals with challenge; SGP: sensitized animals with challenge; MSGP: sensitized animals with CTCM treatment 5 min before challenge; SMGP: sensitized animals with CTCM treatment 10 min after challenge.

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