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Figure 2

From: Inhibitory effects of inhaled complex traditional Chinese medicine on early and late asthmatic responses induced by ovalbumin in sensitized guinea pigs

Figure 2

IgE in the serum of guinea pigs. Statistical significance (one-way ANOVA with a Duncan post-hoc test, ** P < 0.01) represents a comparison between the sensitized groups (SGP, MSGP and SMGP) and the control group (NSGP). Each column represents the mean of the data from 10 animals and the restical bars represent the standard deviation. NSGP: unsensitized animals with challenge; SGP: sensitized animals with challenge; MSGP: sensitized animals with CTCM treatment 5 min before challenge; SMGP: sensitized animals with CTCM treatment 10 min after challenge.

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