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Table 1 Sources used for informing herbal medicines information fact sheets.

From: Responding to GPs' information resource needs: implementation and evaluation of a complementary medicines information resource in Queensland general practice

Source Name of Source
Databases Used • The Natural Standard Professional Database is an international research collaboration that aggregates and synthesizes data on complementary and alternative therapies,
  • Integrative Medicine Gateway - Australian based web site that provides access to scientific information, education and communication about Integrative Medicine
  • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database - Scientific Gold standard evidence-based reviews of more than 1000 herbal medicines.
  • National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - US government site both for consumers and healthcare professionals
  • Alternative Medicine Foundation (HerbMed) - an interactive, electronic herbal database
  • Bandolier Complementary and Alternative Therapies - contains systematic reviews and meta-analyses on effectiveness of complementary medicines
  • WHO monographs - contains monographs of herbal medicines
  • Cochrane Collaboration Database of Systematic Reviews - contains reports of randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews on complementary medicine.
  • Altmedex - contains over 140 monographs on herbal medicines and is updated regularly.
  • Medline - Abstracts from numerous medical journals including CM speciality journals
  • PubMed - The National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and The National Library of Medicine have partnered to create CAM on PubMed,
  • Allied and Complementary Medicine Database (AMED) - database produced by the British Library's Medical information centre in the UK.
Books Used • Ernst E. The desk-top guide to complementary and alternative medicine - an evidence-based approach. St Louis: Mosby, 2001.
  • Fugh-Berman A. The 5-minute herb and dietary supplement consult. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2003.
  • Blumenthal M. The ABC clinical guide to herbs. Austin, US: American Botanical Council, 2003.
  • Fetrow C, Avila J. Professional's handbook of complementary and alternative medicines. Second edition. Springhouse: Springhouse Corp, 2001.
  • Bascom A. Incorporating herbal medicines into clinical practice. Philadelphia:F.A. Davis Company, 2002.
  • Barnes J, Anderson L, Phillipson J. Herbal medicines - a guide for healthcare professionals. Second edition. London: Pharmaceutical Press, 2002.
  • Fleming T. PDR for herbal medicines. Second edition. Montvale, US: Medical Economics Company, 1998.