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Table 5 Interview participant characteristics, including reported therapies trained in

From: Meaning and challenges in the practice of multiple therapeutic massage modalities: a combined methods study

Gender F = 15; M = 4
Work setting
(n, not exclusive)
Shared clinic (4), private clinic (6), home clinic (4), salon (1), fitness club (1), spa (4), chiropractic clinic (2), medical clinic (1), outcalls (1)
Years in practice 3 to > 30 years
Number of TMB therapies trained in (including TMB course components) Mean 8, range 1 - 16
Non-massage therapists 2; a third was trained in but did not practice massage therapy
Minimum number of introductory courses to therapies* Mean 2, range 0 - 5
Number who also practice non-TMB therapies** (n) 12
  1. • if therapists indicated generic introductory courses (e.g., "stuff at conferences"), but not the quantity, they were conservatively counted as one course. **includes devices, bio-energy treatments (e.g., Reiki), nutrition, ingested/topical products, systems approaches (shamanism, counselling).