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Table 4 ANCOVA estimation of pre-specified primary, post-specified secondary, and ancillary outcomes

From: Patient education integrated with acupuncture for relief of cancer-related fatigue randomized controlled feasibility study

Outcome Variables Treatment effect estimate Standard error P-value
Pre-specified primary outcome    
Brief Fatigue Inventory (BFI) -02.38 01.35 0.0776
Secondary outcomes    
Perceived cognitive impairments, QOL impact(FACT-COG) -00.44 00.56 0.4286
Perceived cognitive impairments (FACT-COG) -00.16 00.30 0.6024
Perceived cognitive abilities (FACT-COG) -00.02 00.45 0.9609
  1. ANCOVA is fit with Huber's M estimation, a robust regression methodology.44 Rregression equations model score at follow-up as a function of an intercept, pre-treatment score and treatment (an indicator variable).