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Table 1 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS)

From: Alternative health care consultations in Ontario, Canada: A geographic and socio-demographic analysis

Dependent Variable
Variable name Concept Survey Question If 'Yes', who did you see or talk to?
HCUC_04 Consulted alternative health care provider In the past 12 months, have you seen or talked to an alternative health care provider such as an acupuncturist, homeopath or massage therapist about your physical, emotional or mental health? ('Yes', 'No', 'N/A') 1) Massage therapist
2) Acupuncturist
3) Homeopath or naturopath
Independent Variables
Variable Survey Question Coded Responses
Sex Is respondent male or female? Male -- Female
Age What is your age? Age18 to 24 - Age 25 to 44 - Age 45 to 64 - Age 65 and over
Marital status What is your marital status? Single - Married/common Law -- Separated/divorced/widowed
Education Derived variable Less than high school -- High school -- Other post-secondary -- College or university
Household income What is your best estimate of the total income, before taxes and deductions, of all household members from all sources in the past 12 months? Less than $20,000--$20,000 to $49,000--$50,000 to $79,000 -- More than $80,000
Chronic condition Derived variable Yes -- No
Self-perceived health In general, would you say your health is? Excellent/Very good -- Good -- Fair/poor
Unmet health care needs During the past 12 months, was there ever a time when you felt that you needed health care but you didn't receive it? Yes - No
Census rural Derived variable Urban -- Rural
Metropolitan Influence Zone (MIZ) Derived variable Statistical area classification type CMA/CA -- strongly influenced -- Moderate influence -- Weak or no influence