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Table 4 Selected data from interviews with contact persons

From: Use of complementary and alternative medicine at Norwegian and Danish hospitals

   Norway %/n
(total number of contact persons = 64)
Denmark %/n
(total number of contact persons = 38)
Year of start-up Before 2000 45,3%/29 26%/10
  After 2000 46,9%/30 74%/28
  Not given 7,8%/5 0
Motive for starting up Pain relief: 17%/11 0 ***
  Treatment without side effects: 6%/4 21%/8
  Scientific evidence: 5%/3* 32%/12
  Interest from the employees: 25%/16 21%/8
  Interest from patients: 9%/6 8%/3
  Other: 38%/24** 18%/7**
Ongoing research projects on CAM   9%/6 42%/15
CAM offered to employees   23%/15 59%/23
Information given about CAM   84%/54 74%/28
CAM or not Yes 36%/23 43%/16
  No 53%/34 57%/22
  Do not know 11%/7  
  1. * The argument of scientific evidence was often used as a reason for why the treatment was not considered as CAM and not as much as a motive for starting up.
  2. ** Examples of other motives: "in fashion", extra offer, successful attempt against weight loss/nausea, heard the treatment worked, when nothing else work, good impact on health according to bad sleep/anxiety/immune system/energy, holistic approach.
  3. *** The reason why "pain relief" is not reported as a motive for starting up use of CAM in Danish hospitals might be that it is included in the other four motives. As seen in table 5 pain relief is an important indication for use of acupuncture in Danish hospitals.