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Table 3 High-resolution eletrospray ionization mass spectrometry (HRESI-MS) data of Quercetin, Arctigenin, Chlorogenic acid, and Caffeic acid identified in the hydroethanolic extract of Arctium lapp a root

From: Antioxidative and in vitro antiproliferative activity of Arctium lappa root extracts

Compound Molecular Formule Calculated [M-H]- mass Experimental [M-H]- mass E (ppm)
Quercetin C15H10O7 301.0348 301.0293 18.27
Arctigenin C21H2406 371.1495 371.1542 12.66
Chlorogenic acid C16H18O9 353.0872 353.0896 6.80
Caffeic acid C9H8O4 179.0344 179.0305 21.78