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Table 9 Exemplar quotations of the word pair 'depressed/joyful.'

From: Developing a patient-centered outcome measure for complementary and alternative medicine therapies II: Refining content validity through cognitive interviews

Depressed Cog23 Depressed is feeling unhappy, pretty much by yourself. ... Not being able to see the nice things that are around you. It can be a beautiful day, lots of beautiful flowers, cool breeze, anything. But ... you're still not going to see them feel them, acknowledge them.
  Cog27 When I feel a sense of depression, it relates to a lot of these questions on the negative side of things, hopelessness and overwhelmed, scattered, isolated, all those things lump together and make depression. It's physical as well. ... It's not as easy to pinpoint what it is, because it relates to so many other things.
Joyful Cog17 I can see that as a sort of vibrancy, an ability to really experience the good times of life and enjoy the people you're with, and enjoy the things you do.
  Cog25 I felt so joyful that I felt inspired to do more, so it was kind of exponential. ... So good to start being able to live.