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Table 4 Exemplar quotations of the word pair 'anxious/calm.'

From: Developing a patient-centered outcome measure for complementary and alternative medicine therapies II: Refining content validity through cognitive interviews

Anxious Cog09 At the time, several years ago, it was hard to not be anxious; it was hard not to worry and not to fret. I definitely had good days, but more often than not, I would be anxious, worrying, "Oh my gosh, I need to take care of that, what about this? What about that?"
  Cog15 Anxious? Oh boy. Never relaxing, never enjoying calm or quiet, because there was always a pounding in my head. There was no such thing as inner peace, nothing.
Calm Cog22 I found myself feeling a lot calmer afterwards, and just a lot less like possessive of the way I wanted things to turn out, and it's not turning out that way, and I could just deal with it as it was.
  Cog25 Peaceful and steady and it has to do with walking a lot, like a rhythm that's steady and centered.
  Cog28 A sense of inner peace and an absence of fear.