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Table 3 Exemplar quotations of the word pair 'hopeless/hopeful.'

From: Developing a patient-centered outcome measure for complementary and alternative medicine therapies II: Refining content validity through cognitive interviews

Hopeless Cog07 Hopeless would have to mean that there was no future; nothing I would do would make a difference.
  Cog18 I had hoped that the doctor would be a good stop for fixing this; I was hoping the doctor would fix it, and he didn't offer a resolution. So ... I kind of lost hope at that point, because I didn't know what else I was gonna do.
  Cog28 You better get used to where you're at, because nothing will ever change; like nothing can get better.
Hopeful Cog07 Hopeful means that there is another day tomorrow, and you can make your life content and it could even be better the next day. Hopeful is having hope for the future.
  Cog16 Knowing that I can do something about it, through acupuncture, makes me feel hopeful.
  Cog21 Once I started seeing small changes and pretty dramatic ones through massage and yoga, then I obviously got much more hopeful.
  Cog25 Having hope and being able to move was so joyful and being able to talk with someone [CAM provider] who understood me, it was beyond any treatment and to feel like you have hope was immensely wonderful. I was feeling like so many doors opened at once.