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Table 10 Exemplar quotations of the word pair 'broken/whole.'

From: Developing a patient-centered outcome measure for complementary and alternative medicine therapies II: Refining content validity through cognitive interviews

Broken Cog07 My body was broken... A lot of things with [cancer] surgery make your body broken. It's cracked; it needs to be healed--that's the body. Broken could be frightened, could be like a broken spirit, and I'm sure I had days I felt that way.
  Cog13 Broken, to me, means ... there's no possibility of ever getting fixed again
  Cog21 I think when something happens to you like chronic back pain, you do feel like your body's not working properly, like something's broken. Was I a broken individual? No, I wouldn't say that, but I did say that I felt like my body wasn't like, fully functioning.
Whole Cog09 [Despite] the traumas I have been through, I feel whole. I don't feel like I'm limping along spiritually or physically.
  Cog23 You're all together, you feel better.