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Table 1 The antimicrobial effect of different levels of copper (II) sulphate against S. aureus NCTC 06571 after 30 minute incubations at room temperature

From: Enhancement of antimicrobial activities of whole and sub-fractionated white tea by addition of copper (II) sulphate and vitamin C against Staphylococcus aureus; a mechanistic approach

Concentration of copper (II) sulphate added in assay* Typical approximate reduction in viability following 30 minute exposure log 10 cfu mL-1 (SEM)
0 μM N/A
0.56 μM* N/A
1.00 μM ~0.75 (± 0.74)
4.8 mM ~2.50 (± 0.68)
9.6 mM ~3.50 (± 0.69)
  1. N/A = not applicable as no reduction was seen. * Equivalent concentration to copper level found in whole white tea extract (0.14 mg L-1) by ICP-AES. SEMs shown in brackets.