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Table 2 Attitudes of pharmacists towards complementary and alternative medicine

From: Rural Australian community pharmacists' views on complementary and alternative medicine: a pilot study

Statements   Community pharmacists
(n = 80)
  Strongly agree or
Strongly disagree or disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
CAMS need more scientific testing before being used in conventional medicine 76.3 6.00 15.0
CAMS have a more holistic approach to health than conventional medicines 40.0 28.8 30.0
Most CAMS are safe and have very few side effects 26.3 53.8 18.8
The results from CAMs are mainly due to a placebo effect 12.5 47.5 35.0
CAMs can offer consumers benefits that conventional medicine cannot 42.6 21.3 35.0
Pharmacists should regularly ask consumers if they are using CAMs 93.8 0.00 5.00
I am confident discussing CAMs therapy with consumers 52.6 31.3 15.0
  1. • Not all columns add up to 100% which indicates a lack of response to that question