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Figure 2

From: The effects of tualang honey on female reproductive organs, tibia bone and hormonal profile in ovariectomised rats - animal model for menopause

Figure 2

Effects of Tualang honey on vagina morphology in rats. OVX control group showed an atrophic vaginal epithelium with composed of a few layers of flattened cells. After 2 weeks administration of Tualang honey at all doses caused a complete reversal of the vaginal atrophy. This effect was accompanied by hyperplasia and hypertrophic of vaginal epithelium. The cytoplasmic vacuolization was clearly present in THH group. All pictures are stained with H&E and examined under ×20 magnification: SHAM = Sham-operated control rats, OVX = ovariectomised non-honey treated control rats, THL = Tualang Honey, low dose, THM = Tualang Honey, medium dose, THH = Tualang Honey, high dose

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