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Table 1 MICs and MFCs of mentha essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil and lemon grass essential oil obtained by different methods

From: Liquid and vapour-phase antifungal activities of selected essential oils against candida albicans: microscopic observations and chemical characterization of cymbopogon citratus

Essential oils Agar plate dilution Method Broth dilution method 96-well microplate method
  MIC (mg/ml) MFC (mg/ml) MIC (mg/ml) MFC (mg/ml) MIC (mg/ml) MFC (mg/ml)
Mentha oil 1.125 2.25 1.125 2.25 1.125 2.25
Eucalyptus oil 2.25 4.5 2.25 4.5 2.25 4.5
Lemon grass oil 0.288 0.567 0.567 1.125 0.288 0.567