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Table 1 Plant species utilized in this study and Haudenosaunee medicinal properties.

From: Antibacterial activity of traditional medicinal plants used by Haudenosaunee peoples of New York State

Species Common name Medicinal Propertiesa, b
"Powerful" Haudenosaunee medicinal plants c
Achillea millefolium Common Yarrow Analgesic (LV, RT), Antidiarrheal (PL), Antiemetic (LV, ST), Antihelmintic (LV), Antipyretic (PL), Antirheumatic (PL), Blood (PL), Gastrointestinal (PL), Panacea drug (LV), Venereal Disease (PL)
Asclepias syriaca Common Milkweed Circulation (RT, PL), Dermatological (ST), Gastrointestinal (LV), Gynecological (PL)
Ipomoea pandurata Man of the Earth Analgesic (RT, PL), Blood (RT, LV, ST), Cough (RT), Gastrointestinal (RT, PL), Liver (PL), Panacea (PL), Witchcraft (PL)
Malva neglecta Common Mallow Analgesic (PL), Dermatological (PL), Gastrointestinal (PL), Orthopedic (PL)
Other Haudenosaunee medicinal plants
Cimicifuga racemosa Black bugbane Antirheumatic (RT, PL), Blood (RT), Orthopedic (LV)
Hieracium pilosella Mouseear hawkweed Antidiarrheal (PL)
Lycopodium digitatum Fan clubmoss Anticonvulsive (PL), Diuretic (PL), Reproductive (PL)
Ranunculus acris Tall Buttercup Analgesic (PL), Antidiarrheal (RT), Blood (PL)
Solidago canadensis Canada goldenrod Analgesic (RT, FL), Emetic (RT, FL), Gastrointestinal (FL), Liver (FL), Sedative (RT)
Plants with no known medicinal use by Haudenosaunee d
Arabis glabra (N) Tower rockcress None
Myosotis scorpioides (N) True forget-me-not None
Silene virginica (N) Fire pink None
Hesperis matronalis (I) Dames rocket None
Rosa multiflora (I) Multiflora rose None
Silene latifolia (I) Bladder campion None
  1. a Herrick 1977, 1995; Moerman 1996, 1998
  2. b Whole plant (PL), Flower (FL), Leaf (LV), Stem (ST), Root (RT)
  3. c Among approximately 150 species cited as the most powerful medicinal plants in Haudenosaunee culture (Herrick 1995) based on observed therapeutic and spiritual effects
  4. d Native (N), Introduced (I)