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Figure 1

From: Cytotoxicity screening of Bangladeshi medicinal plant extracts on pancreatic cancer cells

Figure 1

PWV shift images in false color with shift scale bars indicating the magnitude of wavelength shifts in nanometers. Pixels with higher PWV displayed in brighter colors, indicate locations where Panc-1 cell attachment has occurred. The five image sets represent the following (a) untreated control, (b) positive control (DOX), (c) positive control (Curcumin), (d) extract that induced 100% cell death (P. punctata, No. 34), (e) extract that enhanced proliferation (A. glabra, No. 11). In each image set, the top image was taken before exposure and the bottom image was taken after the 24 hour exposure period with a plant extract or positive control at 100 μg/mL. Scale bar (white) = 300 μm.

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