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Table 1 Concentrations of metabolites identified in aqueous extract and simulated digest of HRAM and CM.

From: Protection against LPS-induced cartilage inflammation and degradation provided by a biological extract of Mentha spicata

Compound HRAM [μg/mL] Control Mint [μg/mL]
  Aqueous/Ethanolic extract^ Simulated digest Aqueous/Ethanolic extract^ Simulated digest
Rosmarinic acid [RA] 720.0 49.3 16.1 0.4
Caffeic acid [CA] nd* 33.0 2.1 2.2
Ferulic acid [FA] nd* 3.4 2.5 2.6
Coumaric acid [CO] nd* 4.6 2.2 2.2
  1. ^Aqueous/ethanolic extracts are based on 5 mg of leaf tissue in 3 mL of water/ethanol [50:50 v/v], microwave extraction for 2.2 minutes at 240 watts. * not detected